What is Silicon

Next to oxygen, silicon is the most common element on earth. Silicon is present everywhere: in quartz, clay, sand, and plants such as nettles or horsetail. Our food also contains silicon, including whole grains, green beans, red lentils, dried dates, bananas, mango.

The role of silicon

Silicon plays a major role in the structure and repair of structure elements in hair, skin and nails. Silicon is an indispensable mineral for structure-giving proteins such as keratin in hair and nails, and collagen in the skin. More structure means firmer hair, less wrinkles and stronger nails.

Preferably a good absorbable silicon

Our bodies have a hard time absorbing silicon in its natural form because it is not water-soluble. The absorption gets even harder when we grow old.
Water-soluble ortho-silicon acid is a good and stable type of silicon. We call this the bio-active silicon acid, hence our name: ba’sil.
All our ba’sil products contain the innovative Collasil® OSA as bio-active silicon acid, the better active silicon .  This contains a patented mixture based on the water-soluble ortho-silicon acid with collagen from fish and is produced in Monaco. It is a silicon in powder form with an extremely good absorbability. And that has been proven scientifically!*

*Source: Nakanishi et al. Oral supplementation of ortho-silicic acid and its impact on hair quality. Med Cutan Iber Lat Am. 2017; 45 (1): 29-35.

Ba'sil with bio-active silicon acid and collagen, the best absorbable mixture

Ba'sil nutrients with high absorbability
Nutrients with normal absorbability