Food supplements for the internal care of hair, skin and nails

Ba'sil is a Belgian company specialised in nutri-cosmetics. We offer a large assortment of high-qualitative food supplements for the internal care of hair, skin and nails. Ba'sil stands for bio-active silicic acid and is the most important element in all our products

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Hair activating formula for women: optimum fortification and growth of hair structures 1,2,3


Hair activating formula for men: less grey 4,5 fuller head of hair 6


Basic support for hair, skin and nails


Skin formula with self-tan effect: even luminous skin colour during winter and summer 7,8
ba'sil hair men age perfect' is easy to take, but you have to be a bit patient, hair grows 1 cm on average
– Vincent, 43 years
I took 'ba'sil food for hair' and 'ba'sil hair skin nail boost' for 3 months. I didn't see much result after the first month but now, a few months later, I've noticed a change. The hair on the hairline near my temples has started to grow a bit, can't wait!
– Katy, 48 years
After 1 month of 'ba'sil hair skin nail boost' use, my nails already felt stronger. It's a bonus that it also helps fortify your hair and skin.
– Eline, 19 years
This summer people kept telling me what a nice tan I had, now I take 'ba'sil sun kissed skin' to keep my healthy complexion during winter.
– Lisa, 34 years
Product from Belgium
Patented bio-active silicic acid (OSA)
Highly absorbable patented French keratin
Collagen, extra plants, vitamins and minerals
Free from colorants, preservatives, gluten and lactose free
1 & 2. Nakanishi et al. Oral supplementation of orthosilicic acid and its impact on hair quality. Med Cutan Iber Lat Am. 2017; 45 (1): 29-35 • Beer C et al. A clinical trial to investigate the effect of Cynatine HNS on hair and nail parameters. Scientific World Journal 2014; 2014:641723 3. Zinc helps the body synthesize proteins; keratin is a protein. 4. Melatine® acts inside to reactivate hair pigmentation. DERMSCAN Clinical Studies, Hair Pigmentation, June 2015; Kerat’Innov (France). 5.Copper: supports the normal pigmentation of hair and skin and the transport of iron in the body. 6. Zink: contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair and skin. Zinc helps the body synthesize proteins; keratin is a protein. 7. Source: Melaline®, tanning preparator and accelerator. DERMSCAN Clinical Studies, with phototype II and III, June 2015; Kerat'Innov (France). 8. Copper: contributes to the normal pigmentation of the skin and helps the connective tissues (including the skin) to stay healthy.