Keratin is a protein consisting of amino acids and serves as a building substance for hair, epidermis and our nails. Hair contains no less than 95% of keratin. Kreatin production drops with age. Keratin is damaged by long-term exposure to bright sunlight, hair colouring, frequent use of blow dryers or straighteners.

The patented Cynatine® HNS, Melatine® en Melaline® are high-quality keratins of natural origin (wool) and are produced in France. The keratin has been specially developed to preserve the authentic, natural structure as much as possible.

The patented development process also makes the keratin water soluble. This means that the keratin is absorbed really well by the body and easily penetrates hair, skin and nails, feeding the hair root from the inside.

Proteins are vital for the structure of hair and therefore for keratin as well. But not everybody is taking the right proteins. A prolonged high intake of protein could cause an adverse effect on your body. Your kidneys can be heavily strained when disposing high amounts of waste materials from proteins.
Cytanin HNS contains all the required amino acids found in hair fibres. The most important amino acid for hair is cysteine. Precisely this cysteine is present in a highly bio-active and natural shape thanks to the patented development process.
You only need to take 0.5 grams of this absorbable Cynatine HNS. The average daily protein requirement is only 60 grams. High meat and protein-rich meals supply an intake of no less than 100 grams of proteins a day.